World series of dating episode guide

Meanwhile, Auggie starts acting grown up to impress a girl down the hall named Ava, but Cory and Topanga are not ready for him to grow up yet.

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Guest stars: Corey Fogelmanis as Farkle, Olivia Stuck as Missy, Ava Kolker as Ava Cory struggles with his emotions when Riley wants to attend her first school dance instead of continuing the tradition of her and her father riding the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster, which they have done every year since Riley was young.

In addition, Maya gets an F on a quiz, prompting her to say that Cory failed her, leading her to "quit" school.

Cory gives Maya a smartphone and says to use it to communicate to him about Riley and also buys Maya an art kit.

Guest stars: Corey Fogelmanis as Farkle, Danielle Kennedy as Librarian, Taylar Hollomon as Myzell Riley becomes jealous when a girl named Missy Bradford starts flirting with Lucas.

Meanwhile, Topanga antagonizes Cory after he insults her cooking.