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In the solution explorer panel, right click the project solution and click Add New Item. Make sure Visual Basic is the installed template and select Web Form.

In the toolbox panel, drag three Text Box items inside the div tags followed by two break lines. In the toolbox panel, drag a Button item below the last set of break tags. In the toolbox, look in the validation section and drag a Required Field Validator after each text box. Click on Required Field Validator1 and in the properties window look for ‘Control To Validate’. Repeat for Required Field Validator2 (enter Text Box2) and Required Field Validator3 (enter Text Box3). For all Required Fieldvalidators, change the Error Message to ‘*‘ (an asterisk) and change the Fore Color to Red. In the toolbox panel, drag a Label item after the closing button tag and delete it’s text. Basically we are just adding the text value from each text box to the label.

Text Box Friend With Events txt Last Name As System.

Error Provider Friend With Events txt Email As System.

A text box is an empty field where a user can fill in a piece of text.

To create a text box in Excel VBA, execute the following steps.

Text End Sub End Class Save and run the application, it my ask to ‘Modify the Web.config file to enable debugging’, click OK.