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I was too distracted by the cutie in the cart to save my receipt.

Another challenge of this project was to make the frame rest over the plastic clips that hold the mirror to the wall.

I’ve seen other folks do this project where they simply use some heavy duty caulk or construction adhesive to straight up stick their frame to the mirror itself.

No challenge that a little routing couldn’t handle, right?

So first I marked where I need to notch out the wood so that the clips would rest inside and the wood could lay flush against the mirror.

The whole contraption was pretty light, so it didn’t have to be too heavy duty.

And then just to make sure the bottom of the frame didn’t flap out or anything, we put a couple of dots of silicone caulk between the frame and the mirror just to hold it in place (we taped the frame down along the bottom until the caulk dried so it would hold it firmly for the long haul).

Not only is it hurting the environment, it hurts my pocket book.