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Instead of profile pics, members upload moody photo montages set to music.

hails itself as a dating destination for “quality, like-minded people.” It pulls data directly from the networking site, letting users target partners from similar educational and professional pools (notably, they can also filter out members of their own circle, thus reducing the risk of awkward encounters).

Here’s a primer on the best—and weirdest—new ways to find, dissolve, dissect or even fake a relationship in Toronto launched in 2014 with the tongue-in-cheek tagline “Tinder minus the poor people” and sparked an immediate avalanche of hate (the CEO claims he’s received death threats).

The modern dating world is complex, app-driven and, frankly, a little scary.

I was confused when I met him because he looked nothing like his profile pic—he was older, heavier and just clearly a different person. But we’re very professional about it So what exactly do you say, and how do people react when they’re dumped by proxy? We’ve been asked to say cruel things, like “You’re a bitch” or “I’m sleeping with so-and-so now.” We won’t do that. So you’d have felt better if your Tinder date dumped you via third-party text? At least then I’d know the reason—like, “Julia is leaving you because you laugh weird,” or whatever it was. A women-only networking club that found its feet on Tinder Girl Crew was born when a Dublin woman named Elva Carri found herself home, bored and browsing Tinder prospects on a Friday night.

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    Waiting Till Marriage is a dating site for people who are (wait for it) waiting until marriage to have sex.

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    Warren observed a set of characteristics that seemed to be present in all successful relationships. After extensive research involving thousands of married couples, Dr.

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