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He has also appeared on Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza (2011) on GSN and Trust Us With Your Life on ABC.His most recent appearances have been on the 2013 relaunch of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

For this revival's first season, two formats were used.

The basic format for this show, used throughout the first year, was for the bachelor/bachelorette to pick from two facts about the three potential dates.

Sometimes the guy chosen would be the one chosen for both looks & personality; in later shows when that happened he/she won a $500 bonus in addition to the trip.

This format was mostly disliked by fans of the original show so the next year they switched back to its original format and theme with new host Chuck Woolery at the helm.

He hosted The Dating Game from 1996–1997, and The Big Moment in 1999, and has guest hosted Talk Soup.