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There are clearly domains in the dentine of the tooth where the Th/U ratios indicate continuing U-accumulation.These domains could be extracted and used for open-system U-series dating Firstly, the diffusion–adsorption model could be applied for open-system U-series dating of bones well beyond one million years.

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In this chapter we discuss the relation of the structural features of different biological materials within their archaeological and historical contexts along with their anthropological use and function.

Amid the wealth of biological materials of archaeological interest, a special attention is paid to carbonate-based materials such as corals and shells and phosphate-based ones, including bone, teeth, ivory and antler.

Secondly, a combination of Th/U–Pa/U dating could be applied on bones.

When calculating open-system Th/U–Pa/U isotope evolution diagrams with isochrons, it turns out that dating is theoretically possible to perhaps one million years.

ABSTRACT: Over the past decade, we have applied laser ablation ICP mass spectrometry U-series analysis to a large number of bones and teeth.