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We’re judging the romance of a city by how much shitty romantic “art” its residents consume? HOW MANY ROMANTICALLY FULFILLED PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW WHO READ RELATIONSHIP ADVICE BOOKS, AMAZON?! That’s like saying, “Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the thinnest city in America because they buy the most fad diet books.” I can’t accept the premise, Amazon, so I’m sticking to my guns: Knoxville, TN is the saddest city in America.

Sorry, Amazon, but you and I both know that the people who read romance novels, or watch rom-coms, or listen to love songs, are the saddest people in existence. Here are the other sad cities that round out the top five: 1.

Broken Arrow, OK—Any city with “Broken” in the name is default sad.

On the other hand, congratulations to San Antonio, Seattle, Spokane, San Jose, and Sioux City, all of whom fell off the list this year and are presumably way happier now.

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