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They were unable to fulfill their promise or commitment because of someone else or circumstances out of their control. In time, your loved one will hopefully find their stride, reconnect with society, and prove to everyone around them, but most importantly to themselves that they are restoring credible, accountable, responsible and dependable behavior through their clean and sober life style.

If there is a legitimate issue where the bond of trust might be somewhat compromised then fine; but if not, start your own clock of trust over again and your loved one should do the same. The recovering alcoholic/addict will revel in re-establishing that their word and actions is now their bond; that like respect, trust is, on an accomplished path of recovery, trust is a shining crown worn proudly atop their head.

But at the same time, we recognize the situation is fluid and we know that the person we care about is facing a long road back to sobriety.

Consequently, we want to make sure that what we do and say makes the proper impact. The wrong words spoken with the wrong attitude could indeed contribute to the failure of an alcoholic’s recovery process, and we must be careful and thoughtful about the approach we take in our social interactions with a person working to beat an alcohol addiction.

There is nothing wrong with family or friends asking themselves periodically if their loved one is fulfilling the "C.