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So, focus on working out your own feelings and best responses – just don’t put pressure on yourself to “play games” to attract attention. If you really like a guy and you want to see if the feeling is mutual, especially if you’re thinking about it all the time and it’s distracting you from your life to the point where it’s way more work to NOT make a move, then do it. We always regret the things we don’t do, not the things we do, right?

Olly*, a 25-year-old graphic designer, was on the train home after a date with Jen, the 24-year-old media planner he’d met on Tinder a few weeks before. Not even because he wanted to wait another day to play it cool.

It was their first meet-up and there’d been a flirty spark on both sides: the ‘quick drink’ had graduated into dinner, and even in Olly’s last-minute scramble to jump on the train home, he had leaned in for a kiss against the train’s doors. “I saw an opportunity,” he admits, somewhat cowardly.

Then, just before he reached his stop, he received a text saying, “I enjoyed tonight – let’s do it again sometime, J”. “By not responding to her message, I would get the upper-hand.” So, he just never did…

So, just for a second, I want you think of the date to whom you were MOST attracted upon your first meeting. Well, if you’re like most women, you become a little obsessive. It’s easy to judge a guy for being a puppy dog around you – for liking you TOO much.