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I was going to write something about being a restriction slut, about self denial being this strange addiction of mine, but I don't feel like it right now.I'm on my last real night in my apartment for god only knows how long and I'm sitting here debating cleaning the fridge and wondering what hummus will look like after god-only-knows-how-long, and if I want to risk the death it might bring just to sate my morbid curiosity. But sometimes all the cats just come pouring in, and it isn't really a bad thing at all.But I don't like the monotony of touring, the grind, I don't like our lovely tour managers neurosis! That take creativity, actually no scratch that, it breeds creativity. See waking up more than an hour before going to a club is just not cool." Not saying that I will not start writing that sort of thing soon enough, although hopefully in a slightly more interesting manner.

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And anyone who actually knew 'em, and that was few, knew that they were a butterfly, and saw the destruction of it all. Maybe they're still breaking down, maybe they're gone, maybe they found something more than paint to protect themselves. But uh, if you haven't got Show Your Bones yet, do it for godsake.

If you paint yourself a lion to save yourself the suffering then you end up the the situations of a lion you are only going to break down further. Yes, yes y'all the very sake of god depends on this, did you know it was the important? And next week starting Monday TOURING: Mon, 4/3/2006 Club Washington, DC Wed, 4/5/2006 The Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA Fri, 4/7/2006 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA Sat, 4/8/2006 Metropolis Montreal Make your plans There are two courses of action you can take before you take off on a tour for a few months.

And I am tired as fuck, and longing for my own fucking bed, because right now we will both very much appreciate each other. The night is all a blur of swirling colors and faces, liquid and smoke, laughter and beats, cotton and sweat.

And I've still got the music going but so much quieter now, just for me. I'm stuck up in a dream already, it's hard to sleep when you're already there. Which I must admit is a near constant obsession: moments, documentation of them, things that pass by observably.

At best I'll fuck something up real nice at a good show, we did an acoustic version of Maps a while ago that I didn't... At worse you try something different on tour and someone gives you the attitude and you, you know very politely tell them they can take that attitude and shove it up their ass, go home and jerk off over whatever shit they do enjoy, whatever. But there are always things at least to make it go better. I just signed into a new Gmail address and the first thing I see is google news headline "Venezuelans pose nude in public for art" And I'm pretty sure that all of this news is supposed to be targetted. It was kind of disappointing, just another one of those Spencer Tunick things, his stuff never really did it for me.

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