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The meaning of our communication is the response we get — if you do not like your response, .

But when I asked our female members, they were unified in their response: Find someone your age, who is also married/separated and has kids, and enjoy loving each other romantically all you wish.

If you don’t like how committed Slavic girls are to the idea of family, find a woman who is culturally more suited. If I was publishing profiles of men who make certain comments, no one would take them seriously.

The ones who were unsuccessful initially, and then learned the right way, are better mentors, because you are exactly at the same situation: You are having trouble and want to learn how to do it properly.

You should be able to verify that the person was indeed successful, and not just faking it.

So, I looked at his profile on EM: He never purchased any membership, so never had an ability to communicate with women.