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We’re loving this look on Mindy and are especially coveting her bird print shirt which is from Red Valentino.

Sadly it’s since sold out, but you can follow the link on the right to shop the current collection at Net-a-Porter, then recreate the look with one of the picks from our edit below, including options from Stylenanda, Warehouse and ASOS, as well as another pick from Red Valentino.

You run a good chance that a photo taken by an actual photojournalist will accurately depict the person.

You can't assume that a photo appearing in on a news site is accurate. There is no reason to assume a photo taken at an entertainment event is accurate. Do a google image search for Kaling and you can see how her skin tones vary within a relatively short time period. In Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Togo, 25%, 77%, 27%, 35% and 59% of women, respectively, are reported to use skin lightening products on a regular basis. You can tell because the skin starts looking weirdly gray and blotchy. Rihanna and Beyonce lighten, too, but they do very expensive and very high end methods. I saw her last summer in LA and she was as black as ever, so if she is lightening it's very recent. A LOT of Asian women (all kinds) paste themselves lighter for events, and end up looking like Mindy looks here.

Style with a colour pop pinafore like Mindy or keep it simple with black tailored trousers for a chic office ensemble.