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The screen above is what you'll see during game play.

This software is operated in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (32-bit).

You are Hajime Kudo, enjoying your last six weeks before you start your career as a "salaryman." You have from February 16 to March 31 to enjoy the May Club simulator, and find your destiny, if you can...

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The Vi LE project only supports binary images for Windows systems at this time.

Users of other platforms will have to compile their own binaries using the source tarballs for now, altough binary distribution will be considered for osx and ubuntu in the future.

You can play with it and its toys, you can make it chase your mouse, and you can also feed it or give it water to drink.

May Club for Windows 95/98: The Virtual Reality Dating Simulator Contents 1.

When you're at home in your room (the only other area accessible in the game outside of the May Club simulator), you have the option of sleeping (which advances you 1/3 a day) or going to the May Club office.