Gianni luminati dating sarah blackwood

” And I was like, “Sure.” Gianni and I were both getting into the You Tube thing, and Gianni had some really cool ideas for some videos and I was like, “Oh I want to be involved.

Let’s do this.” So we started working hard on videos and started touring less with my other band. You just work your ass off pretty much — but that’s our job.

This is a re-make of our original song REVO from our latest album R.

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And I was playing in a punk band at the time, like touring all the time and making solo music — I actually hired Gianni to work on a solo album.

Then from there he asked me, “Oh we need a female vocal for a few songs, can you do it?

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Gianni "luminati" nicassio is the boyfriend of rocker singer sarah blackwood..

As artists, it’s a dream to do what we love to do, so we were hoping that we would do this forever. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to wake up and know I don’t have to go to a s—ty job every week. So for me, I do a lot of the artwork and the photography and the visual stuff for the band, so I get to wake up every day and just be creative, and I get to spend every second of my days with my kid and soon to be new baby. That’s our job: We’re going on tour with a new record.