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Friends and neighbors considered the Mannings a troubled family.

In a 2011 interview Manning's father said, "People need to understand that he's a young man that had a happy life growing up." He also said that Manning excelled at the saxophone, science, and computers, and created a website at the age of 10.

Manning got a job as a developer with a software company, Zoto, and was apparently happy for a time, but was let go after four months.

Her boss told The Washington Post that on a few occasions Manning had "just locked up" and would simply sit and stare, and in the end communication became too difficult.

His new wife, also named Susan, had a son from a previous relationship.

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    However, despite her near-constant harassing them, Megan actually loves her brothers deep down and has shown them genuine love and gratefulness when they uncovered that her then-boyfriend had been two-timing her.