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The basics in the previous section will ensure you’re not restricting your performance before you even get started.Once you do fire up Minecraft though, the best thing you can do is start monitoring your performance in-game.

The game engine is responsible for rendering everything you see, keeping it all updated, tracking how all the elements interact with each other (like when lava meets water or the player falls off a cliff), rendering the lighting as the day changes into night, spawning and despawning the game’s creatures, and dozens of other little subtle changes.

It might look like a simple game compared to super slick modern game with photorealistic graphics but there is a ton going on under the hood.

While that’s true, no desktop computer will be able to render the entire map at once, so the game relies on “chunks.” Each chunk is 16×16 blocks wide and 256 blocks tall (the height limit of the world).

As you move about the game loads additional chunks, one 16x16x256 hunk at a time.

Whether you have a low-end computer that’s struggling with the game or a high-end computer that provides you with a zippy Minecraft experience, however, there are a variety of tweaks and tricks you should know about to ensure you have a stable and enjoyable time with the game.

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