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Needless to say, Antonio totally misunderstood the situation for what it really was.

Nick wasn't prejudice to him for being Latino, they were basically just giving him his daily working routine, but because he went on air and acted like a nutcase, the network punished him by making his character on the show a "floating head".

They always tell me that I'm totally insane and tell me they aren't racist towards the Latino community.

But, BUT, if that's the case, what the heck happened to GOOD Nickelodeon shows like The Brother's Garcia, Tiena, Dora The Explorer, you know all those shows?

In fact she ranked #40 in People Magazine's 100 Most Narcissistic Celebrities), 10 seconds with Bret; a segment in which Brent did his best to either sell himself as an important member of the show or to promote his indie emo band, and a list of other pointless segments.