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Spell check mainly focuses on the correctness or proper way of how a word is spelled whereas, grammar check (or grammar checker) is an application program that flags sentences or the structure of the sentence and how it is written or typed.

It usually involves proper punctuation, word agreements and proper use and placement of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, etc.

Author: Jonas Bilinkevicius I have the following code: Ms Word.

Add(Template, False); When the file referenced by "Template" is already in use by another document, I will still get a "File in use" dialog (which is bad enough as it is only a template. Isn't Display Alerts supposed to supress this dialog?

Hi, In my Delphi prog, I use OLE to search (forwards only, no wrap, with wildcards) a certain portion of a Word doc for specific words and replace them with some text with following code : search String := some Text To Find; // includes wild Chars repeat With search Range. End_; end; until not Found; Even the search Range is a portion of the document, the searching scans whole the document. After a match, the range has its start/end_ same as the founded word and I have to do start =end_ to continue until no matches anymore. Execute('old', Wrap := wd Find Stop) do begin Inc(Found); Rnge. - My problem is when I want to search, not in the whole document but, in a portion of this, lets say a portion/range that refers to a table Row. Late binding is done with variants, but you can use both, easily. Better still, with late binding, you can use 'named parameters', which are self-documenting: things like Match Wildcards := True. You need to have some other way of describing the end of the range you want to search. setting the end of the range to the end of a table row's range), then you need to make one. Insert After(' Change this old change this old'); SR. Insert After(' Change this old change this old'); SR. Execute has been rather buggy - MS has recommended using late binding for it in the past.) -- Deborah Pate (Team B) It should help. And obviously a single call to Run a macro would remove a lot of dots.