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I've noticed that the tail end of certain Sierra series are not on the site, specifically King's Quest 7 and Space Quest 6.I already own King's Quest 7 (though I've been using a 68k mac emulator to run it.

Download the the program to your PC: When I plugged my phone in to the PC, Smart Switch notified me to download the Marshmallow update.

Kies is still the tool used by Samsung to, for example, re-load factory settings on a soft-bricked machine.

I click the changelog link and the next window opens with the changelog text, and the update buttont here shows "Update" as well.anyone has information on the marshmallow update issue?

I think that Kies has been replaced with the Samsung Smart Switch app.

If not, click 'More' in the top right corner, Preferences, Software Update.recently, i bought a samsung galaxy s6 SM-G920F, from a similar offer to what microspot has this that i would require it, but i saw that android marshmallow update would be available for it since mid-february 2016.unfortunately, mine has android 5.1.1 installed, and 'settingsupdate now' insists that all updates are installed.i wanted to try with kies (which i am not particularly fond of), but it would not either install on a windows 10 system, or it would tell me to use sidesync for this model, which seems to be for screen/mouse sharing.