Sexchat los angeles - Dating within the aa program

The old “I’ve wrestled with my demons and won” line? How about a simple, “I’m a pretty hot colossal f**k up”?

It’s always a little awkward when a potential date wants to “meet you for a drink.” Telling them you’re sober feels like confessing to some horrible chronic STD.

The issue is much debated and, of course, there are pros and cons on both sides. Still, dating within the program comes with more negatives than positives.

If one shows up at a meeting, you can bet the other will be right alongside them. Shared experience can be an invaluable resource when developing an understanding of what your significant other is going through.

When we women get to AA, we are usually not very good at selecting the right man for us (our picker is broken).

The type of man that is attracted to a newcomer is a whole different variety than the man who is attracted to the woman fully established in recovery.

There are promises sprinkled throughout all the literature of the happy, joyous and free experience we have embarked upon.