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Again, he stated to wait 48 hours for the problem to be resolved.

On Monday, 21 Jan 08, I again phoned the customer service and spoke to Nomfundu.

After contacting cell c everyday via e-mail or their customer care no. The phone was used and since we were unable to put airtime on it, there were charges incurred.

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I do not need to pay a bill which should not have been existing had cell c done their work.

Their customer service is pathetic as they will reply to your e-mail only once you have sent maybe 6 e-mails to them. Please can I have some feedback because I am now fed up with their incompetence.

I was prepared to wait, even if it was a Cell C mistake. On Saturday, 19 Jan 08, I again phoned the customer service (the 140 number), as the problem was still not fixed, and its been 48 hours already.

The person that helped me stated that he will log a complaint, and even gave me a query number to quote for future reference.

(Although he JUST spoke to the supervisor himself!!! I prompted Lucky to give me another number where I may lodge a complaint about the bad customer service.

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