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"We are now at risk of at best stagnation and at worst backsliding on this issue.The Government needs to take bold action to set its own house in order and to deliver fairness for the rest of the UK." Britain has one woman law lord, Lady Hale, while nearly two decades after Margaret Thatcher's reign as Prime Minister came to an end, the most senior politician is now Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary.

It’s safe to say that the R&B and hip-hop of the ’90s was experimental.

Today’s superstars were still newbies, having not yet shifted tax brackets, while the divas of the day had been locked in place since the ’70s and ’80s.

And they are keen to balance a family with a rewarding career.

But workplaces forged in an era of 'stay at home mums' and 'breadwinner dads' are putting too many barriers in the way - resulting in an avoidable loss of talent at the top. These figures reveal that in some cases it appears to be made of reinforced concrete." The commission's annual Sex and Power report discloses that women now make up almost half of the British workforce, with 14.3million working females compared with 16.9m men.

Granted, a few scored multiple hits, but their reigns only lasted a decade.