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The FLG-60 have 2 piece back, one piece neck, solid plain 2 piece top and Tokai pearl double ring tuners, and nice double white Gotoh PAF´s.

The earlier RLG-70 has Gotoh made Schaller copy tuners, just like Gibsons from the same period.

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The FLG 240 was a special order handbuild guitar with one piece body, one piece neck and solid flamed top, finished in nitro with Duncan 59 pickups and high quality nickel hardware.

I’m told that not many 240´s were build, because the production line FLG 150 was just as good, and it had the same features.

The first Les Paul standards are from 1975, and the ones that I have seen are not that great.

The hardware (chrome) and the pickups are not very good, and the finish of these guitars is not as good as on the later ones.

Because in my opinion they are the best high quality LP´s you can by today, without getting ruined.