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You try to keep it private as much as you can.” According to TMZ, the couple were spotted getting cozy at STK Midtown in New York on Tuesday night.

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According to Digital Shadows, around five million of the email addresses and passwords stolen and leaked in those breaches came from work accounts associated with the 1,000 largest organizations. technology newsletter."It’s perhaps of little surprise that the breaches impacting the global 1,000 companies the most were Linked In and Adobe—both services that employees can be expected to sign up to such services with their work accounts," said Michael Marriott, a research analyst at Digital Shadows, in a blog post on Wednesday.

"However, there were also less expected sources."In the case of Ashley Madison, a well-known adultery platform, 200,000 of the leaked credentials apparently involved corporate email accounts.

It cross-referenced that leaked information with around 20,000 domains belonging to the world's 1,000 biggest companies and, after discounting duplicates, it arrived at the figure of five million credentials associated with work accounts. Companies in the tech, financial services, healthcare, and entertainment industries were particularly affected.

According to Marriott, the most-affected companies tended to be in the U. Marriott notes that there wasn't just a threat here from employees sharing the same password across internal and third-party services, but also from the nature of some of those third-party services.

Major data breaches can provide a good reason for such a move.