Dating a pakistani men

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So I guess its to do with money and he hates it when I mention it about him getting divorced and says he will get divorced when he wants too not when someone tells him.

If he hasn't after 6 years I don't feel there is any hope and I keep hoping but I don't wanna end myself wasting the best years of my life. I know everyone says but you will meet someone else but no one compares to him and I'd rather be happy as I'm forever comparing other men to him and no one comes close.

They may be lovely but they may not have the wealth or success like him and shallow as it sounds that is what I like in bloke and other qualities in his personality that I love too.

Is he using me for just sex as he can't get enough of it and I'm worried it's just based on a physical relationship and when he was single he admitted to using prostitutes so I do worry when he's abroad.

Fast moving relationships in this modern era usually spell disaster from what I've seen and experienced.