online dating dallas - Dating a metrosexual man

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Living with a metrosexual man, however, is like reliving the scenes of your college dorm bathroom.

Keeping his good looks requires a lot more than just shaving cream and, as a result, your bathroom will look like its being shared by two women. Metrosexual men are known for being stylish, and are likely to have double the amount of clothes in their wardrobes than the average dude.

Call it vanity or otherwise, metrosexuals spend a lot of time looking at the mirror. It could be to check if every strand of his hair is right where it should be, or just to reassure his killer good looks with ridiculous third person self-talk.

It might get annoying, at times, when he works to catch a glimpse of himself from anything that manages to produce a reflection. There’s nothing more comforting in this world than having an extra sensitive *and good-looking* guy to comfort you when your uterus is being flogged with barbed wire and your emotions are going haywire.

He could even influence you to do the same and develop a healthier lifestyle.