Dating a canadian tips married dating in maeystown illinois

Contrary to popular opinion, “polite” doesn’t mean “boring.” Sure, you can take a Canadian home to meet Mom and Dad, but, according to this poll, they’re also pretty sexy and cool, too. The OECD’s Better Life Index, which looks at health, income, jobs and life satisfaction, ranks Canada fifth in the world.

In conclusion the difference is very slight, American and Canadians are much more alike than different.

In other studies and polls, Toronto has been named the “most resilient city” and the “most youthful city” in the world, while Vancouver is known as the third “most livable” city in the world, just edging out Toronto and Calgary, also great places to call home. “Je t’aime.” Canadians learn French, the language of love, in school.

The Americans just really seem to know how to give good face.

American girls seem to also support nicer tans than the Canadians.

When thinking back to all the Canadian and American girls I have dated, I must say the Americans are generally much more attractive.