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The 3x3 photo grids were created using a website that automatically selected the user's most-liked Instagram posts over the past 365 days – but also prompted users to sign up via email for a new app, which more than 130,000 people did.'During my stay, I was surprised to see that many people were 'swiping faces' on apps.

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However, Zaman is confident that dating apps with elements of gaming have the potential to rival brands of this calibre in the future, if they integrate the two components cleverly, execute the platform well and market the brand correctly.

This concept of marrying gaming and dating to create meaningful connections recently received huge exposure after The Apprentice UK finalist, Vana Koutsomitis, pitched a concept for a new gamified dating platform, Date Play, on the show’s final.

It saved an awkward conversation of a ‘thanks but no thanks.’ Most people seem to get the hint straight away (albeit it some guys need to text a couple more times to realise they aren’t getting a response). Allowing us to filter individuals in such a way that we won’t end up settling in relationships that we know we aren’t happy in, because we know just how easy and quick it is to find someone else.

Or, will it lead to a string of unhappy relationships as we seek out people with unrealistic expectations of hoping to find the perfect individual?

Will the drama of the show bring Jo Jo and the bachelors to their breaking point?