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All my significant, lengthy relationships have been harmonious and loving.

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Their vulnerability comes across in a way that has you seeing them as open and genuine--but watch out!

Don't believe the hardship stories they feed you, while asking for a "temporary" loan or place to sleep. He had very disappointing and painful relationship experiences with Mother, and you're not gonna change this for him, no matter how you hard try to bridge that deficit.

It's incredible that this man appears so completely without guile, he almost instantly puts you at ease and inspires your trust. As this courtship picks up speed, you feel lucky to have found such a considerate, thoughtful, loving man~ but as you begin trusting that his pronouncements of love are Casanova makes sure you know how grateful he is to have finally found you, because you're "like no other woman" he's ever known.

His enthusiasm and glee seem authentic: One of my ex's would initially remark how better than to get involved.

My voiced concerns about the wisdom of our timing, were always met with on my days off.