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So while you out there bashing black women and why the way they are put your 2cents on some of the bum ass men out there. y is that not good enough for the wealthy blk man ??? because a romantic relationship and the relationship you have with your female family members IS NOT THE SAME THING. Im guessing that men like Keenan dont want kids that have the same "issues" or struggles (be they perceived or real) as their female family members.

You need to start pointing out the positive in black woman instead of all that crap you spit brotha and like there are good BLACK women there are good BLACK men clearly you can't see that because you so bz being negative just a thought!!!!! my father was small in stature and I loved his frail little bony self to death, but the men I have dated are all big and strong. i was born to a black man but im not looking for another man to give birth to me so the logic doesnt apply.

Who are you to put all black woman into catergories like the white man did in slavery time and tear us down.

Yes there are some black women who have issues and there are great black women out there as well.

In which case, lots of niggaz, white dudes, latins, asain dudes, whatever would want that ass too.