Bosnian dating customs

This toleration extended to Islamic schools, which were allowed to continue to operate, but only in addition to, rather than as a replacement for, the compulsory state educational system.

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In religious matters, Bosnian Muslim practice is similar in most particulars to that of Turkish Muslims.

Even after the establishment of the Communist government in the years after World War II, authorities tolerated Bosnian Muslim Religious observance and institutions.

This emigration has largely been in response to politicomilitary movements such as the occupation and later annexation of the territory by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the incorporation of the region into the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes in 1918, and the installation of a Communist regime in the years following World War II.

Many of these émigrés went to Turkey, although others settled in the United States, particularly in the last emigration wave.

They are a synergistically independent group that is Orthodox Christian, Islamic, Catholic, and Atheist.