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By the 1830's the markets at the Forks of the Road in Natchez and the markets at Algiers in New Orleans were the two busiest slave markets in the entire South.

Up to 32 dealers conducted store, courthouse, and river landing sales, or bargained with traders at Forks of the Road market.

He attempted to sell the property to both the federal government and the state of Virginia, but both bodies were deeply mired in sectional and political partisanship.

Convinced that neither would meet his terms, he agreed to sell 200 acres of the Mount Vernon estate, which included the mansion, outlying buildings, and the family tomb to the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association (MVLA) in 1858 for $200,000. Well written, light stain at fold.................., Accotink, VA Fairfax County, July 12th, 1859, one page letter from Samuel Nevitt to John A.

He berates Washington about the uselessness of the girl, 'I will say that the girl was not worth her victuals [food consumed] and clothes and any attempt to make me pay twice [for her] will be strenuously opposed." John Augustine Washington III was the great-grand nephew of George Washington and the last private owner of Mount Vernon.