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Other related features are night vision support and WDR technology that contribute to enhancing video images. Loop recording is the norm for dashboard cams, which means car drivers do not have to bother about turning the camera on and off.

This feature is possible through hardwiring the camera into the electrical system of the car, but a more convenient option is to choose a model that conveniently plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

Some use them for fun, for creating a travelogue folder of their trips, for security purposes, and, sometimes, for use in legal proceedings.

The basic dash cam or car DVR is composed of a camera system that record continuously in a loop, a memory card and an LCD screen for viewing.

I have used them in Eldorado Canyon in Colorado, most notably on Perilous Journey at Mickey Mouse Wall, which turned an infamous death route into an R or even PG-13 climb.