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Everyone is talking about the new Nike World Cup spot, and with a good reason: it's a beautifully told story that transcends media formats to deliver a truly emotional and inspirational experience.

In 30 seconds, it appeared that Nike finally cracked the code by combining what's it best at with the power of digital distribution.

Go to Huffington Post to see what’s new, you may as well became a “Networker,” “Moderator,” or “Superuser.” Go to 7-Eleven and All of this suggests a new sort of networked, reciprocal, gift-based, game-like digital culture today -- and digital culture is quickly becoming popular culture.

Apply badges, likes, cues, contests, and make-believe social settings to the World Cup, and all of the sudden you have a completely different beast you are dealing with. It’s World Cup campaign may have played out completely differently if it used all these things to inspire fans to connect with each other, with the global soccer culture, and with the Nike brand, for that matter."Write the Future" tells a story about how the World Cup is the stage where players can achieve immortality.

Among those pictured are Le Bron James, David Beckham, Plaxico Burress, and Robert Gallery.

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