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The final two checkpoints are based on the "Man Overboard" and "I Dig You" games. The Veterans face the Rookies at the "Screw You" Challenge, an utterly exhausting and disorientating obstacle course. Tori announces her suspicions of some of her teammates having alliances with people on the Veteran team.

At the "I Dig You" checkpoint, each team must dig deep through the sand in order to retrieve a treasure chest that contains a flag. The next day, the Rookies face the Veterans in the "Roped In" Challenge, where the teams race to complete an elaborate puzzle.

The grand prize is 0,000, which is split among the remaining members of the team that wins the final challenge.

The Rookies and the Veterans meet TJ on the beach, where they see a giant maze of ropes and poles making up "Blind Man's Maze." The first team to get all their teammates across that finish line wins.

The Rookies have four less players than the Veterans, and, as a result, they will end up with a severe advantage in this challenge.

The wheel contains six sections, one for each Gauntlet game and one for 'spin again'. Lavin explains to each team that all team members must cross the finish line to win the Army Strong Final Challenge.

The game that was played in the previous Gauntlet is replaced by another 'spin again' section, and therefore, no Gauntlet game can be played twice in a row. Every player has to jump off the yacht, and swim to the shore, in which the remainder of the challenge will be a footrace, containing checkpoints that are reminiscent of the aforementioned challenge games. Each checkpoint contains a key that a team will need in order to obtain instructions for further checkpoints, and after the first checkpoint, teammates must be connected together by chains for the remainder of the race unless they are instructed otherwise.

After the challenge, Tyrie withdrew from the game after learning of a family emergency back home.