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Rather, in the last half-century, several events have pushed conservative white American middle-class men to conflate their majoritarian, economic, and cultural decline.

Economic anxiety and racial resentment are not entirely separate things, but rather like buttresses in an arch, supporting each other in the creation of something larger—Donald Trump.

It is not enough to say that Trump is a purely racial phenomenon.

He would send additional security to the south and seal the Mexican border.

He would begin the design and construction of the Mexican Wall.

The grievances of middle-class white Americans are not make-believe, nor is their nostalgia misplaced.

The 1950s was a remarkable decade for blue-collar male workers.

The lack of competition from immigrants and imports boosted the wages of workers at the bottom and contributed to the remarkable “great compression” of the income distribution during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.